Octane RŌ Max Rowing Machine

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In her relentless quest for the perfect equipment to fuel your workout, Octane Fitness has applied her engineering expertise to develop a sleek, inviting rowing machine, the Rō ™, that refines this popular total-body workout.

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Octane RŌ Max Rowing Machine

In her relentless quest for the perfect equipment to fuel your workout, Octane Fitness has applied her engineering expertise to develop a sleek, inviting rowing machine, the Rō ™, which refines this popular total-body workout. With innovative features such as a quick-release foot strap and a 7-inch backlit LCD, athletes of all levels can enjoy superior workouts.

The Octane Rō is part of the unique Octane Trifecta ™ series, consisting of the Octane Rō rower, Octane Max Trainer MTX and the Octane AirdyneX ADX airbike. This series offers gyms and boutiques an innovative combination of easy-to-use brutal machines suitable for HIIT, small group workouts, circuit workouts or warm-ups and cooldowns.
Octane Rō Max Rowing Machine

Double resistance - air and magnetic brake
Quick-release foot straps
Max 14 Interval training
MultiGrip handle
Improved console with calorie counter and backlight
Comfortable seat
Oversized handle holder - if the user accidentally shoots the handle, the holder catches it without damage
Self-generating - no power required
Very small floor space required (239 x 61 cm)
Easy to store

Double resistance
The combination of a fan and a magnetic brake allows a wider range of resistance levels. This way you can easily choose between a warm-up or a heavy interval training and everything in between. Whether you are just starting out in sports or are a seasoned rowing athlete, the progressive resistance means you will find your match in the Ro and achieve unprecedented results.

Quick-Release foot straps
Finally! A hassle-free way to easily attach your feet to the rower. This patent-pending design allows athletes to quickly place their feet and pull up the handle for a snug fit. To get off, they simply press the button to unlock the band. It's that easy!

MultiGrip handle
Octane has once again taken a standard component and improved it to deliver a superior experience. Due to its design, the MultiGrip handlebar offers a number of natural hand positions, so that users can train more comfortably and the chest, back and arm muscles can be better addressed. Plus, with the MultiGrip handlebar, athletes can make a kayak or canoe movement for greater training variety.

Improved console with calorie counter
The oversized 7-inch backlit LCD console for good readability, has a dynamic calorie counter that simultaneously demonstrates the athletes' best and current efforts as an encouragement to continue striving for good readability throughout the session. Real-time performance measurements, including beats per minute, watts, distance, time, calories, and heart rate, are also an incentive for motivation.
14-minute interval training

Made for the popular Max Trainers from Bowflex and Octane and now also available on a rowing machine. The Max 14 Minute Interval Program controls the maximum effort in 25-second intervals, followed by 80-second recovery periods. This highly efficient, 14-minute HIIT session inspires exercisers to pull out all the stops and take advantage of total body conditioning.

Ideal for small group and circuit workouts, the MAX CiRCUIT routine facilitates multi-user use at a rapid pace. The console keeps track of the time and intensity for each individual rowing machine and automatically resets it to zero between users. Each user gets their own data, without wasting time resetting the console. Just sit down and row!

Very effective training methods
HIIT delivers a productive combination of efficiency and effectiveness. And while the Octane Rō offers intense resistance and progressive challenges, the rowing motion eliminates strain on the joints. Go for maximum intensity with a very low risk of injuries. A classic win-win! In addition to interval training, you can also choose normal cardio training in which you determine the resistance yourself and continue rowing at the same pace for a longer period. This way of training is also called Steady-State cardio. The comfortable, extra large saddle allows you to enjoy extra stability during both training methods.

Overview of important features of Octane RO:
Equipped with high speed fan
Equipped with double resistance
Equipped with unique quick-release foot straps
Multigrip lever bar with storage space
Equipped with transport wheels for easy moving
Compact design
Can be easily tilted after use for storage

Overview electrical features Octane RO:
Display: 7 "backlit LCD with calorie counter
Number of resistors via magnetic brake: 10
Number of resistances via air resistance: infinite (progressive)
Wireless heart rate measurement via: Polar®, ANT + ® Bluetooth® compatible. Chest strap optionally available.
Power supply: self-generating
Number of programs: 6
Plus: Quick Start, Max 14 Interval, Interval, Calorie Goal, Distance Goal,

Product dimensions:
Maximum user weight: 159 kg
Dimensions built up: 239 x 61 x 119
Product weight: 58 kg
Height of the seat: 43 cm
Height of the product once it is tilted: 236 cm
Dimensions in box: 135 x 86 x 48 cm
Box weight: 66 kg

Warranty conditions:
For home use: 3 years on parts + 3 years on labor, 10 years warranty on the frame
For professional use: 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor
Warranty with the exception of wear-sensitive parts including seats, foam parts, strings

Specifications for Octane RŌ Max Rowing Machine:
Maximum load in kg 159
Number of training levels 999
Number of years warranty 3
Resistance system Air + magnetic brake
Main color Black
Material Plastic

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